Arkadia Group: The Alex


User Interface

Creative, Art Direction & Responsive Design

Technical Development

Digital Marketing & Content

Hosting & Support


The Client

The Alex is an exciting new eatery, opening in Alexandria, Sydney in 2020. It is a vibrant, diverse destination in a high-profile position on the corner of O’Riordan Street and Gardeners Road.

With no online presence The Alex were aiming to create a space for inquiries from both the community and future tenants with a phase two of creating a website where the eateries are represented and promoted along with nurturing community engagement.

The challenge was to create a brand, and two phase website prior to signing on tenants in a tight pre Christmas deadline.


To engage future tenants and lead generation our team created a website that split the user groups into two journeys; The potential customer looking for information and the potential tenant looking to lease.

From here we created design concepts based on the branded leasing brochure provided by our sister company Born & Raised.